Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Blood Ravens Charity Army Project is now LIVE!!

Guys! Click here to find out how you can help this amazing charity, and from now until the 24th of December each dollar you donate will earn you double the entries, so a $20 Dollar entry will earn you 40 entries into the draw!! So get them dollars in quick!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Tournaments, Necrons and Gauss, oh my!

So, recently I have decided to enter into a 500pt doubles tournament at Warhammer world. Its a local GW store based thing, where 2-3 coaches worth of guys travel down from where I'm based in Scotland and we play a few rounds of 40k with our friends at the best warhammering place in the world.

I'm having a lot of trouble with my White Scorpions - Basically I can't get the damn things to look the way I want them to when I am building and converting them, and when I do I cant decide on a proper paint recipe. So, rather than struggle to get 500pts done in time, or do 500pts I am not happy with, I decided to start afresh and do some of those shiny shiny new Necrons.

So, 500pts of Necrons. My list:

Overlord w/ Warscythe, Command Barge
5x Immortals - Tesla
11x Warriors
Annihilation Barge

Which comes to roughly 500pts. Fairly balanced list, plenty of delicious Tesla, and not too many models for me to paint in time.

So, the painting part, I've spent the last week or so messing around with the Plastic overlord you get in the Command Barge box, and here are the results:

Fairly pleased with the green glowy bits on his war-scythe and orbs, but still need to work on the crystal effect on his shoulder plates, that hasn't come through the way I wanted it to. Next up is the Command Barge, so will update that on here as it comes.

Oh, in case you missed it, I put up a magnetisation tutorial on MWC the other day for the Command/Annihilation Barge, so lemme know what you think there as well.

Cheers guys!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Aw yeah.

So Aurelian came out. I bought the Gold edition, which is the larger hardback book signed by Aaron Dembski-Bowden with the number of your edition printed inside.


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I'm not dead. Honest.

Long(ish) time, no updates!! Been super busy since my return from africa, plus GoW3 came out, so... yeah. Anyway, updates!!

First up is another scout, this time using a FW Cadian veteran head. For long time I have hated the Scout heads, they have no necks and look like bodybuilder children, they just look... weird. So I have been searching around for a long while, and have decided to use these, as well as some Elysian heads and a couple of the Catachan command ones.

Grumpy, but neat lookin'

And keeping with the theme that my scouts have been in the field waay longer than they should have, I have GS'd a rip into his left knee.

His space-mum is going to be pissed

Going to build up another one soon, and add some more damage to the rest of the squad when they are done.

Also, I have decided that I love the Mk2 Jump Packs:

Oh, and I super promise that I will post a Dreadfleet review in the next few days. But in the meantime, trust me: its awesome.

Leave me a comment people!!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lack of updates - Arid's African Adventures

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of updates, but I am currently about 5900 miles from my models in a cosy hotel in Johannesburg, South Africa, doing RL things and wotsits.

I'll be updating sporadically from my facebook page, which you can access by clicking the sexy blue icon to your right, and maybe I'll even post a couple of pictures of what I'm doing out here!

I return home on the 26th, so until then, totsiens my geliefde lesers!!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Spotlight - Mini Wargames Conversions

I'm new to this blogging thing. The whole network of blog's and posts and "The Blogosphere" is something very unknown to me, and something that I entered with trepidation. I see so many awesome blogs, with hundreds of images of awesome models and paintjobs, and I see the comments of "Ooh" and "Aah" and "Have my children!!" and I decided early on, I want people to tell me that stuff. Even the kids part. But I had no freaking idea how to do that.

You see, the blog network is a busy place. Each blogger has their own pedestal, but if you are just starting out, like me, there are a lot of people with bigger pedestals, louder voices and crowds of rapturous fans, and it's very easy to get caught in the shadow, become disheartened, and give up.

However, there are those bloggers out there who want the little guys to thrive, to help them and build up the crowds of fans and make their voices louder and the pedestals taller, because they love the hobby, and they want to see what the little guys can do.
Ch-ch-ch-check 'em out!!

One of the best examples of this is Mini Wargames Conversions. Matt and the rest of the crew want to see what you can do, and showcase your models and talents to the world. They are determined to become the biggest and best hub of Miniature's, be it 40k, Fantasy, or whatever. They want to show off you and your work, and say "Hey, you should offer some kids to this guy! He's great!!"

But that's not all. Check out their Facebook Page and you can have a chat with Matt and they guys, as well as many other hobbyists from all over the world (I have already made friends with dudes from Australia, Canada, Sweden, the U.S and England, all in one week!!).

So, be it converting, painting, techniques or tutorials, go check these guys out, you will not regret it.

(And while you are at it, check out the other sites on the left, amazing guys all)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Space Marine - The game, a short review

Well, I've been playing Space Marine until my eyes are ready to fall out of my face, finished the campaign and put a good few hours into playing the multiplayer, and I have this to say-

It's awesome. Go buy it.

I bought the collectors edition on a whim, and hoo boy am I glad I did.

Its HOOJ. The art book is awesome, and as I type this I have the music playing away, which makes me want to go play the game again now. The purity seal is also pretty rad, and has the Emperors words when he first made the Astartes written on it.

The campaign is very good, although there are some points when you are walking through barricaded areas full of ammo and high vantage points and there are no Orks, which makes me think that either they had to take enemies away, or they simply forgot to put some in there. Also bomb squigs are annoying.

I have been playing a lot of multiplayer with Jack over at Reds-Corps and we both agree on a few points with the multiplayer; Needs more maps, needs games to be fairer (being a level 1 and armed only with a bolter and a knife againt a level 30 with a storm bolter and feel no pain and a meltagun isn't very fair, although you do get to steal his loadout for one life if he kills you) and the lag can be horrendous.

Dont let this put you off in any way though, because it is still insanely good fun plummeting from the skies on trails of fire, smashing your armoured boot into that snipers face, and finishing him off with a skull crushing blow from your thunder hammer.


The last piece I want to talk about is the customizer, which I think makes this game that more fun. You unlock it at level 4, and from there you have to unlock more pieces of armour by doing challenges, such as saving a teammates life 25 times or killing 50 enemies in close combat. All these bits of armour are mix and match-able, and you can paint them to you liking. A nice touch is using the Citadel colour range for the painter, and so you can use your colour scheme with ease.

White Scorpion Veteran Allendros ready for battle!

So please, do yourselves a favour and go and buy this. It really is good, and I dont think you will be dissapointed.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Motivation - A hobbyists dilemma.

Motivation is a word I often see used around the various forums I visit, and more often than not its about having a lack of it. Not having the motivation to finish something, or even to get started, is a killer in this hobby, and I'm almost sure its what stopped me 4 years ago.

When I first saw the Severin Loth kit on the Forge World website, thats what motivated me to start again. Its awesomeness sucked me back in like the evil Romulan dude in the spiky spaceship got sucked into the black hole at the end of the new Star Trek film. It motivated me to start writing background for a new chapter, it started motivating me to come up with a colour scheme, it motivated me to plunge all this money into buying space marines from the four corners of the globe.

 Must... buy... Contemptor....

But already I can feel the drive to get it all done is slipping. Self imposed deadlines are missed, projects are started but never finished, and while I want to get them all done, having the motivation to get all the way to the end is hard to come by for me.

I have seen the results of when I push really hard to keep myself motivated with my Severin Loth model, which I honestly feel is my best work to date. But trying to keep it up for every single one of them is hard work. In truth, its kinda why I started this blog; to keep myself motivated and plough through until I get an army that I am truly happy with.

Like I have said, I often see the complaint of a lack of motivation to finish or start things, and so the question I ask you all is: How do you keep yourselves motivated when it comes to your hobby? Be it praise, relief, satisfaction or the promise of happy rainbow smiles, please leave a comment and tell me how you do it.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Couple of things I'm working on...

So, spent tonight working on a couple of things for my White Scorpions army.

A couple week back I managed to snag a 2008 GD Captain from ebay for 7 quid, so tonight I cleaned him up (he was a bit of a mess flash wise) and put him on a base. Going to use him as a display piece for my army more than anything, but he is too cool not to use.

I think he looks pretty neat, looking forward to painting him.

Next up is my Techmarine. Its the legs and torso from the Iron Hands kit, the head from the Forge World character conversion kit and and old servo arm from the 1999 techmarine I had.

Also finished the sculpting and concept of my Beserker (counts as wulfen) models. This guy look badass enough?

Last of the White Scorpion Stuff, the Devastator Sarge, started painting him already, this guy will be the colour standard for the whole army. Im about 2-3 steps in (Black Undercoat, Liche Purple/Chaos Black all over, Liche Purple leaving the very deepest recesses, purple wash, Liche again) but he's coming along, and he contrasts nicely with the base:

Did a little bit of work on the Blood Ravens Charity Project Chaplain when I was away, just need to finish the Golds now and he's done. Pretty pleased with him, I hope whoever wins him like him as much as I do!

Aaaand thats all for tonight, will post again when I've finished the Chaplain and done some more work on the Scorps.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Blurb for a Red Scorpions Character

I'm working on a character for RedScorps Character Creation Competition over on his blog, in which he is  looking for is a guest collaborator to create a special character for his up-coming Red Scorpions Codex/Fandex.

So, as I am overflowing with spare Scorpion adorned pads and bits and pieces, I thought, balls to it, I'll enter!!

There was a Chaplain Dreadnought mentioned very briefly in the Seige of Vraks volume 2 book called Nalr (also a picture of him too I think), and with a head brimming with idea's and crap (mostly crap), I set about creating this guy, Master of Sanctity Alekto Nalr, aka The Black Death, pre-internment in his very spiffy dreadnought.

Here is the blurb, let me know what you think!

Alekto Nalr first rose to fame within the Red Scorpions at the climax of the Vardus Reclamation, during the Arturrol Crusade. Pitched against them were the Vardus Planetery Defence Force, who had turned from the Emperor, overthrown the ruling caste, and now worshipped the foul Chaos God of Nurgle. 

While still serving as a Chaplain within the 6th company, he petitioned Captain Orestes to allow him to lead a strike squad of his men in a do or die attempt to cut the head from the rebel PDF, by killing the rogue General Aldalrich, shutting down his defences, and sowing disaray amongst his men.

The hive complex where Aldalrich had made his base was a veritable fortress, bristling with low-orbit defence batteries and anti aircraft guns, and several drop pod strikes aimed into the complex had been swatted from the sky by the massed hydra flak cannons. Armed with jump packs, Nalr and his twenty strong strike group elected to deploy via low flying thunderhawk into the complex, the fast jinking aircraft able to avoid the worst of the AA fire aimed at them, and fight their way to the traitor general.

Jumping from the thunderhawks frontal ramp, Nalr and his squad landed in the hive’s main square, and proceded to cut through wave after wave of traitor guardsmen sent against them, who had sullied themselves with the foulest runes of Chaos, and sent them screaming and dying back to their foul masters in the warp. 

For a day and a night the Chaplain and his men battled Chaos twisted monstrosities as they fought their way up the hive, jumping across breath taking drops between the hives towers in a bid to climb ever higher to reach their target. Nalr’s fiery oratory kept the Battle Brothers in his command fighting at their hardest, each one performing deeds that would have outshone many of their supposed betters within the elite veteran company, and made them fight on with blades and fists long after ammunition and chainsword fuel had run dry.

Eventually, after 47 hours of continuous fighting, Nalr and his 12 surviving battle brothers arrived at the spire summit, where Aldalrich had made his stand. What greeted them shocked the marines to their core; Adalrich, once a proud member of the Imperium, was now a bloated, diseased monstrosity, his bulk so massive it engulfed the throne of meat and diseases he wallowed upon. Unable to move, his whole body had become a temple to Nurgle. Thick swarms of flies and fouler things clouded the air, and arranged before him were hulking mutants, clad in broken pieces of Red Scorpion armour salvaged from the smashed drop pods, the symbols defiled and ruined.

Nalr’s blind rage was manifest, to see mutants wearing and sullying his chapters power armour was too much to bear, and with a roar that shook the room he and his men dived in to hack at the beasts who defiled his chapters honour. Armed with his fearsome crozius, he ripped arms from torsos and clove chests in two, fighting his way to the hulk who had orchestrated this whole war. 

With a fury like he had never known, he hacked and clove into Aldalrich, fighting his way through bone and muscle, his armour coated in diseased black blood, and with an almighty swing, cut his head from his shoulders. His death was felt in the mind of every chaos warrior in the hive, and, seeing his opportunity, Nalr grabbed the public address system, and spoke clearly and simply to every warrior in the hive-

“I am the Emperor’s divine hand, and I have come to destroy you. Your master is dead, your foul god’s have abandoned you, and two hundred of the Emperors warriors are coming to cleanse this place. I am the Emperors Divine hand, and you are destroyed.”

Within two hours, every member of the Vardus PDF had either commited suicide or had lain down their arms and awaited the fate reserved for them, weeping and screaming in despair to the polluted skies, their soul’s torn to shreds by the treachery they knew they had committed. When the remainder of the Red Scorpion relief force arrived, they were greeted by the fearsome visage of Nalr, still coated in the black blood of the traitor general, and upon seeing him and the fear he generated in the captured pdf, Orestes dubbed him “The Black Death”.

In 413.M41, at the end of the Arturrol Crusade, and after the death of the previous Master of Sanctity, Nalr was named his successor, and for nearly 400 years he rained death from the skies upon the Emperors enemies, until his internment in a dreadnought in 810.M41.

He still serves the chapter to this day, leading his warriors from the front in every major engagement the Red Scorpions are involved in.

More will be added soon, along with some mockup images of him, so stay tuned!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Story time!!

Hey folks, not a modelling update this one more a fluff and background info one. 

I've written a short story about the beginnings of the White Scorpions vengeance crusade, which is where the army is set just now. The bases etc are meant to be that of the ruined city, and the Scorps are currently on a campaign of destruction across the Lion Claws new homeworld.


Scout Sergeant Aurel ducked as more las fire whickered over his head, then rose from behind the shredded tail section of the Marauder bomber he hid behind, and in one fluid motion blasted the jaw from his assailant, the shooter too slow to duck behind his cover of fallen masonry before being caught in the boltguns sights, and then sprinted towards the open doorway of a residential building to the west of his position. Scattered fire followed him, but he was too quick, and slid into cover of the doorway as impacts rattled against the building outside.

Or at least, what was left of it, Aurel realised grimly as he surveyed the interior of the fire gutted building he now sheltered in. While the tail of the Marauder he had sheltered behind on the street had impacted on the cobbled streets after its mid-air disintegration, the nose and wing sections had landed hard on the roof here, and had unceremoniously crashed through the top three floors before coming to rest with the nose touching the floor of the reception hall in which he stood. Nothing remained of the pilot except fire blackened bones, Aurel unable to tell whether this man was a member of the early Imperial resistors, or one of those who aligned themselves with this planets masters when they had turned from the glorious light of the God-Emperor and thrown their souls to the ravenous monsters that inhabit the warp.

He had been there, the day that this world had turned mad. A slight pulse, that was all that Aurel had felt, moving through the earth. It was an imperceptible beat, like the single strike of a drum. In fact, Aurel only noticed it due to the slight off timing it gave with the marching feet of the soldiers, but it marked the end of the world.

One moment the men and women of the planets pdf marched proudly in front of Aurel’s men, eager to show off in front of Astartes dignitaries, particularly those of the revered White Scorpions, the next turning on one another in wanton bloodshed, thousands of soldiers unleashing laser fire from the muzzles of their guns into those they had called brother, or tearing at eyes and throats with fingers and teeth, wolfing down raw and bleeding flesh from those they had slain. Aurel had been appalled by what he had seen, and immediately ordered his men to fire upon those engaged in the bloody maelstrom in front of him, purging the madness he had seen with mass reactive bolt shells, but even as he did so he realised this was not an isolated incident.

An explosion rocked the military compound, and as he turned to face it tanks and infantry poured out into the city streets, blasting citizens into dust by battle cannon, or crushing them underneath tank tracks. Aurel had ordered his mean to retreat into the city, as the surviving soldiers on the parade ground turned their attention upon the purple armoured warriors before them. Haskor had been killed, a lucky shot from one of them taking the scout in the throat and nearly decapitating him, the wild eyed soldiers stopping only long enough to coat their guns in his life blood. Bannon was next, a las bolt taking his right leg from the knee down, and he shouted as his fellow warriors to keep running as he unleashed clip after clip into the screaming horde, giving Aurel and his squad enough time to escape, buying time with his life.

As they retreated further into the city, Aurel saw horrors that would stay with him forever. A woman carrying a young girl ran in panic from her husband as he tried to crush her skull with a piece of masonry, looking for the open arms of soldiers sworn to protect them, only to find guns and bayonets as all three were hacked down without mercy. Soldiers seemingly unaffected by the change, fought running battles with their own squadmates as they sought to rip them apart, they scrambled on their vox for somebody, anybody to help them, but were met only with laughter or the screams of the dying. Piles of the dead littered every street, the gutters running with blood or choked with bodies. As Aurel, ran past one such scene of carnage, he checked his wrist chron. It had been exactly 15 minutes since he had felt the pulse.

The public address screens depicted bloody scenes of carnage over and over, or repeated scenes of the ruling planetary council, strung up by the neck from the gantry of the burning Ecclesiarchal chapel, while the ruling governor screamed his allegiance to the foul god of blood and war, his face cut repeatedly with a knife to show the horrific symbol of the blood god Khorne.

Aurel called repeatedly for his Thunderhawk as they ran through the streets, but the vox was jammed with incomprehensible nonsense. As they reached the military airfield where the Thunderhawk was stowed, they saw its proud form ablaze, the Hellhounds of the traitorous pdf regiments gutting it with liquid promethium. Only 8 of his squadmates were left alive, and they made best haste to the star port in the north of the city, but more than once their path was blocked by soldiers, tanks, or even the citizenry, armed with crude weapons to bludgeon the life from their victims. Alone against even an aspirant to the ranks of the Astartes, they were no match, but these men women and children gathered in their thousands, choking the streets as they hunted those that had not been changed by the pulse. Those the Scorpions caught in the open were gunned down without mercy, but they were Astartes, and they knew that this fight could not be won alone. They needed help.

This world had gone to hell, corrupted by the foul machinations of Chaos. The loss of any world was a keening blade felt by the Imperium, but this world was no ordinary one, and Aurel prayed with all his faith that the protectors of this world had been left unchanged by the pulse.

It was a vain hope, he thought now as he snapped from his reverie. It seemed that this planets protectors had been instrumental in its downfall, and the information he and his scouts had gathered in the three months since that first bloody day were enough to damn them thrice over.

The Lion Claws, brother chapter to The White Scorpions. Many times during his training he had heard of the glorious campaigns these two chapters had fought side by side, of debts owed and repaid in fire and bloodshed, and it was this bond that Aurel and his squad had been sent to strengthen on this world, while a contingent of the Lion Claw aspirants were currently residing within the Citadel of the Scorpion. The bond had been deemed unbreakable, their oaths and faiths renewed every year. Indeed, if it had not been for The White Scorpions intervention in the campaign against Waaagh! Toofcrackah the Lion Claws may well have perished to a man, and The White Scorpions had helped them recover their strength.

All that was forgotten now, lost in the ashes. What had caused them to turn against the Imperium was unknown to Aurel, but by their actions alone, he would gladly see them burn.

He started as he heard shouts from outside, and peered round the shattered doorway into the ruined street.

He cursed himself as looked outside. A huge crowd of the former citizenry were massing, ready to storm the building. He had lingered too long, too lost in his own thoughts. Mentally he assigned himself a night in the chamber of penance, and then looked outside once more. He checked his load in his bolter, and grunted grimly as he realised it was not going to be nearly enough. Three months he had lasted out here, 1 of those months alone after he had been separated from his squad during a particularly fierce guerrilla action against pdf armoured columns. He did not know if any were alive. Perhaps now it was his time. He accepted it gladly. He longed for a warrior’s death. He would make it count.

All at once, the blood fuelled cultists started running towards Aurel, and with a long exhalation of breath he set his bolter on the cracked tile floor, drew his bolt pistol and combat blade from their scabbards, and stepped out into the street.

The sight of him turned the crowd into a frenzy, each pushing and shoving at each other in their lust to be first to taste his blood, all rational thought lost as the madness took over.
Aurel stood his ground, and aimed his bolt pistol into the crowd, blasting gaping holes in chests and limbs from bodies. But for every one that fell, another took its place, some even carried along in the press of bodies.

When they were just metres from Aurel, just as he was about to shout his war scream and dive into them, he noticed a small glint in the corner of his eye, and dropped flat to the deck, as the front row of cultists were pulped messily into bloody chunks of bone and fat. Aurel covered his ears and head, as more of the cultists exploded messily onto the cobbles around him and coated him in their stinking blood, limbs flying and bodies flailing as they were hit.

After what seemed like a lifetime, the explosions stopped, and Aurel lifted his head to view the devastation that had occurred.

Of the hundred plus cultists, not a single one remained whole, blood and stinking entrails coated the ground in a thick carpet. Aurel grunted in satisfaction as he recognised the handiwork, and smiled a genuine smile when Pavish stepped out from the building opposite, his boltgun glowing red hot after the expenditure of so many bullets. Aurel nodded a greeting, “Well met brother, I had feared the worst for you all since we were split. Thank you”.

Pavish grinned, “Don’t thank me, thank Vaddin, it was his heavy bolter that saved your arse.” Aurel looked up to the clock tower at the end of the street, where the flash from the signal mirror had originated, and waved his hand to signal the hulking Vaddin come over.

The rest of his squad emerged from the shadows, although Aurel was disheartened to notice a few missing. He looked at Pavish, “Nadd? Xarker?”

Pavish shook his head sadly, “Gone. Nadd was caught by a Battle Cannon to the chest; Xarker gave his life to take down the pdf headquarters in the merchant district. They died well.”

Aurel nodded, and turned to look at Vaddin as he joined them. He grunted. “Throne Sarge, you look like you’ve been in the wars, you’ve got a bit of red on you.”

Aurel smiled. “Thank you Specialist, you look pretty good yourself.”

The humour hid the real truth. They were all now severely malnourished, Aurel’s close cropped beard had grown significantly, all the men were dishevelled and with damaged armour and equipment, and, if truth be told, they were dangerously low on ammunition. Already he saw a couple of his squad were using their sidearms only, their bolter clips long since exhausted, and throne alone knew how much heavy bolter ammunition they had used on the crowd. But they were alive, and they knew that as long as they stayed that way, they could bring news of the Lion Claws deception to their brethren.

Suddenly, an almighty roar erupted from the square at the end of the street, and as one, the scout squad turned to face the noise. There, stood silhouetted against the church tower where Vaddin had made his rescue, stood two hulking red giants. Made of blood, anger and covered in symbols of ruin, the two deamonic visages roared their challenge to the huddle of scouts. Drawn by the gunfire, the smoke and the smell of blood, the two Space Marines started at a run towards the aspirants.

Aurel shouted an order, and as one the scouts opened fire, raking the red giants with bolt shells as they moved impossibly quick towards them, but it was to no avail, only Vaddins Heavy shells had any effect, and even then it only served to slow them down. In no more than 6 seconds, the two Astartes were upon them, Baldor ripped apart at the waist by the Astartes inhuman strength. Vaddin turned his attention upon the nearest, unleashing hails of fire at almost point blank range into the monster, tearing through its armour and leaving gaping holes in its back, but still it refused to fall. Aurel leapt at the Marine with his combat blade, and plunged it through its eye socket, and deep into the Chaos Marines brain.

He barely had a moment to rip his blade from its skull, when the other marine kicked him bodily in the chest, breaking several ribs, and sending him flying through the air. He landed hard, and looked up in time to see him hack at Vaddin with his Chainsword, catching the Scout on the arm, before Pavish roared in defiance and spat plasma fire from his pistol into the marines chest. Surprised, he simply chuckled and even as the plasma dissolved his armour, slashed his chainblade across his face, ripping out his right eye and taking his cheek and most of his jaw with it. Pavish gurgled out a scream of agony, and dropped onto his knees.

The marine towered over him and removed his helmet, ready to deliver the deathblow with his bare hands, when a force of invisible energy wrenched the marine from his feet, and held him in mid-air. The traitor thrashed and bellowed in rage of being denied his kill, before blue white lightning lashed into his helmet from the outstretched hand of a figure in blue. The lighting burned out his eyes first, then set fire to his skin as it continued to rip into his thrashing form, until it he stopped moving completely. Not until the marines armour burned with the heat of a furnace did the lightning stop however, before the glowing armour was thrown down the street, where it smashed down, coming to rest against the tail of the Marauder.

Aurel looked up at their saviour, and felt the glowing green eyes of Librarian Xandrai’s meet his own. Xandrai nodded in respect, and then ordered the apothecary accompanying him to see to the scouts wounded.
He got up stiffly and walked over to where Xandrai knelt over the corpse of the marine Aurel had killed with his knife. Xandrai removed the traitors helm, and looked in disgust at the marine inside.

“Did you know him?” asked the Librarian. “No sir,” he replied “He was not one of the battle brothers I met before this madness.”

Xandrai nodded. “I did. Brother Kalliphos. I fought beside him during the purging of the Hrud on Fand VIII. A fine warrior. Now look at him. Dead and rotting with the curse of Chaos in his blood. Traitors and scum, all of them.”

Aurel nodded. “Sir, if I may, how did you find us here? We have been unable to get in contact with any of the Chapter for months, and now in our darkest hour you save us from certain death.”

Xandrai removed his helmet and smiled. “The God-Emperor sent us, boy. He sends us visions of this cursed place, and how we must destroy it before its evil leaks out into other systems, although whether we have arrived in time has still to be seen.”

Aurel shook his head. “No, Brother Librarian, I mean how did you find us, specifically? We have no vox, no signals, how did you know where we were?”

Xandrai leaned in and smiled, “You were the few spots of light in a world of darkness. Your faith in the Emperor was like a beacon to me, and I followed it to you.” Aurel nodded at this, then looked skywards as the first contrails of drop pods began to streak through the reddened sky, and thunderhawks brought vehicles of destruction to flatten the shrines to the populace’s foul masters.

“They look angry...” noted Aurel, as the first blossoms of fire began on the western side of the city. “They are.” said Xandrai, his face darkening. “The Citadel of the Scorpion is no more, its hallowed halls blown apart and defiled by this scum. We are here not just on a crusade of destruction; we are here on a crusade of vengeance. The Lion Claws will know the pain they have dealt us, for we will deal it back a hundred times as fierce. Everything they know will be taken from them, everything they own destroyed, every friend they have blasted to dust. They will know us, and they will know that there is no escape.”

Aurel’s face twisted in a grimace of rage. He knew now what the information he had gathered meant, and what it meant for the populations of every local star system.

Xandrai sensed this. “Come, Scout Sergeant. We have much to discuss. This war will be long, and we need every bit of information you and your scouts have gathered.”
He stood up straight and led the Sergeant towards the waiting Land Raider, where giants in Terminator Armour escorted him into the darkness to take him to his masters.
 Let me know what you think!!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

New blog!

Hey folks, decided to start up a blog here to try and track all my hobby projects into one, easily readable place, which I may or may not forget to update as I go :P

Currently, I am working on getting my own Space Marine Army in shape, The White Scorpions, a blog of which can be found here, various other commission projects, and I am also one of the guys behind the Blood Ravens Charity Army Project, which is an endeavour set up to try and raise as much money as possible for ChildsPlay.

Basically, we are a bunch of gamers from the Relic News Forums who decided to get together for a painting competition with a difference, one where we would donate our finished models to try and make an army that we could sell or auction, with all of the proceeds going to the Child's Play Charity that the Forums support every year in the run up to Christmas.

This kinda snowballed and it turned out that we now have over 3300 points of Blood Ravens to build, paint and try to make money from.

Now if this sounds like you've heard something like this before, you have.  The inspiration for the project came from the Storm Wardens project that ran last year for Doctors Without Borders. A similar project is running this year with the Heroes of Armageddon project. A big thank you to those guys; you showed 40k isn't just about geeky guys with toy soldiers. It's about big hearted geeky guys with toy soldiers.

I have pledged to buy and/or paint a Space Marine Assault Jump Pack Chaplain, a 10 Man Assault Squad, a Land Raider Crusader, and a Whirlwind, which are all in various stages of completion, and will be progressed on here, of course.

So, stay tuned, will have some updates for you very soon!