Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Blurb for a Red Scorpions Character

I'm working on a character for RedScorps Character Creation Competition over on his blog, in which he is  looking for is a guest collaborator to create a special character for his up-coming Red Scorpions Codex/Fandex.

So, as I am overflowing with spare Scorpion adorned pads and bits and pieces, I thought, balls to it, I'll enter!!

There was a Chaplain Dreadnought mentioned very briefly in the Seige of Vraks volume 2 book called Nalr (also a picture of him too I think), and with a head brimming with idea's and crap (mostly crap), I set about creating this guy, Master of Sanctity Alekto Nalr, aka The Black Death, pre-internment in his very spiffy dreadnought.

Here is the blurb, let me know what you think!

Alekto Nalr first rose to fame within the Red Scorpions at the climax of the Vardus Reclamation, during the Arturrol Crusade. Pitched against them were the Vardus Planetery Defence Force, who had turned from the Emperor, overthrown the ruling caste, and now worshipped the foul Chaos God of Nurgle. 

While still serving as a Chaplain within the 6th company, he petitioned Captain Orestes to allow him to lead a strike squad of his men in a do or die attempt to cut the head from the rebel PDF, by killing the rogue General Aldalrich, shutting down his defences, and sowing disaray amongst his men.

The hive complex where Aldalrich had made his base was a veritable fortress, bristling with low-orbit defence batteries and anti aircraft guns, and several drop pod strikes aimed into the complex had been swatted from the sky by the massed hydra flak cannons. Armed with jump packs, Nalr and his twenty strong strike group elected to deploy via low flying thunderhawk into the complex, the fast jinking aircraft able to avoid the worst of the AA fire aimed at them, and fight their way to the traitor general.

Jumping from the thunderhawks frontal ramp, Nalr and his squad landed in the hive’s main square, and proceded to cut through wave after wave of traitor guardsmen sent against them, who had sullied themselves with the foulest runes of Chaos, and sent them screaming and dying back to their foul masters in the warp. 

For a day and a night the Chaplain and his men battled Chaos twisted monstrosities as they fought their way up the hive, jumping across breath taking drops between the hives towers in a bid to climb ever higher to reach their target. Nalr’s fiery oratory kept the Battle Brothers in his command fighting at their hardest, each one performing deeds that would have outshone many of their supposed betters within the elite veteran company, and made them fight on with blades and fists long after ammunition and chainsword fuel had run dry.

Eventually, after 47 hours of continuous fighting, Nalr and his 12 surviving battle brothers arrived at the spire summit, where Aldalrich had made his stand. What greeted them shocked the marines to their core; Adalrich, once a proud member of the Imperium, was now a bloated, diseased monstrosity, his bulk so massive it engulfed the throne of meat and diseases he wallowed upon. Unable to move, his whole body had become a temple to Nurgle. Thick swarms of flies and fouler things clouded the air, and arranged before him were hulking mutants, clad in broken pieces of Red Scorpion armour salvaged from the smashed drop pods, the symbols defiled and ruined.

Nalr’s blind rage was manifest, to see mutants wearing and sullying his chapters power armour was too much to bear, and with a roar that shook the room he and his men dived in to hack at the beasts who defiled his chapters honour. Armed with his fearsome crozius, he ripped arms from torsos and clove chests in two, fighting his way to the hulk who had orchestrated this whole war. 

With a fury like he had never known, he hacked and clove into Aldalrich, fighting his way through bone and muscle, his armour coated in diseased black blood, and with an almighty swing, cut his head from his shoulders. His death was felt in the mind of every chaos warrior in the hive, and, seeing his opportunity, Nalr grabbed the public address system, and spoke clearly and simply to every warrior in the hive-

“I am the Emperor’s divine hand, and I have come to destroy you. Your master is dead, your foul god’s have abandoned you, and two hundred of the Emperors warriors are coming to cleanse this place. I am the Emperors Divine hand, and you are destroyed.”

Within two hours, every member of the Vardus PDF had either commited suicide or had lain down their arms and awaited the fate reserved for them, weeping and screaming in despair to the polluted skies, their soul’s torn to shreds by the treachery they knew they had committed. When the remainder of the Red Scorpion relief force arrived, they were greeted by the fearsome visage of Nalr, still coated in the black blood of the traitor general, and upon seeing him and the fear he generated in the captured pdf, Orestes dubbed him “The Black Death”.

In 413.M41, at the end of the Arturrol Crusade, and after the death of the previous Master of Sanctity, Nalr was named his successor, and for nearly 400 years he rained death from the skies upon the Emperors enemies, until his internment in a dreadnought in 810.M41.

He still serves the chapter to this day, leading his warriors from the front in every major engagement the Red Scorpions are involved in.

More will be added soon, along with some mockup images of him, so stay tuned!