Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Motivation - A hobbyists dilemma.

Motivation is a word I often see used around the various forums I visit, and more often than not its about having a lack of it. Not having the motivation to finish something, or even to get started, is a killer in this hobby, and I'm almost sure its what stopped me 4 years ago.

When I first saw the Severin Loth kit on the Forge World website, thats what motivated me to start again. Its awesomeness sucked me back in like the evil Romulan dude in the spiky spaceship got sucked into the black hole at the end of the new Star Trek film. It motivated me to start writing background for a new chapter, it started motivating me to come up with a colour scheme, it motivated me to plunge all this money into buying space marines from the four corners of the globe.

 Must... buy... Contemptor....

But already I can feel the drive to get it all done is slipping. Self imposed deadlines are missed, projects are started but never finished, and while I want to get them all done, having the motivation to get all the way to the end is hard to come by for me.

I have seen the results of when I push really hard to keep myself motivated with my Severin Loth model, which I honestly feel is my best work to date. But trying to keep it up for every single one of them is hard work. In truth, its kinda why I started this blog; to keep myself motivated and plough through until I get an army that I am truly happy with.

Like I have said, I often see the complaint of a lack of motivation to finish or start things, and so the question I ask you all is: How do you keep yourselves motivated when it comes to your hobby? Be it praise, relief, satisfaction or the promise of happy rainbow smiles, please leave a comment and tell me how you do it.


  1. The only thing that motivates me sometimes is my blog. But then sometimes you just need a break.

  2. Yeah for sure. Hopefully this blog will keep my work rate up. Well that and if I can stop buying models and actually build/paint some of them!!