Thursday, 1 September 2011

Couple of things I'm working on...

So, spent tonight working on a couple of things for my White Scorpions army.

A couple week back I managed to snag a 2008 GD Captain from ebay for 7 quid, so tonight I cleaned him up (he was a bit of a mess flash wise) and put him on a base. Going to use him as a display piece for my army more than anything, but he is too cool not to use.

I think he looks pretty neat, looking forward to painting him.

Next up is my Techmarine. Its the legs and torso from the Iron Hands kit, the head from the Forge World character conversion kit and and old servo arm from the 1999 techmarine I had.

Also finished the sculpting and concept of my Beserker (counts as wulfen) models. This guy look badass enough?

Last of the White Scorpion Stuff, the Devastator Sarge, started painting him already, this guy will be the colour standard for the whole army. Im about 2-3 steps in (Black Undercoat, Liche Purple/Chaos Black all over, Liche Purple leaving the very deepest recesses, purple wash, Liche again) but he's coming along, and he contrasts nicely with the base:

Did a little bit of work on the Blood Ravens Charity Project Chaplain when I was away, just need to finish the Golds now and he's done. Pretty pleased with him, I hope whoever wins him like him as much as I do!

Aaaand thats all for tonight, will post again when I've finished the Chaplain and done some more work on the Scorps.

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