Sunday, 11 September 2011

Space Marine - The game, a short review

Well, I've been playing Space Marine until my eyes are ready to fall out of my face, finished the campaign and put a good few hours into playing the multiplayer, and I have this to say-

It's awesome. Go buy it.

I bought the collectors edition on a whim, and hoo boy am I glad I did.

Its HOOJ. The art book is awesome, and as I type this I have the music playing away, which makes me want to go play the game again now. The purity seal is also pretty rad, and has the Emperors words when he first made the Astartes written on it.

The campaign is very good, although there are some points when you are walking through barricaded areas full of ammo and high vantage points and there are no Orks, which makes me think that either they had to take enemies away, or they simply forgot to put some in there. Also bomb squigs are annoying.

I have been playing a lot of multiplayer with Jack over at Reds-Corps and we both agree on a few points with the multiplayer; Needs more maps, needs games to be fairer (being a level 1 and armed only with a bolter and a knife againt a level 30 with a storm bolter and feel no pain and a meltagun isn't very fair, although you do get to steal his loadout for one life if he kills you) and the lag can be horrendous.

Dont let this put you off in any way though, because it is still insanely good fun plummeting from the skies on trails of fire, smashing your armoured boot into that snipers face, and finishing him off with a skull crushing blow from your thunder hammer.


The last piece I want to talk about is the customizer, which I think makes this game that more fun. You unlock it at level 4, and from there you have to unlock more pieces of armour by doing challenges, such as saving a teammates life 25 times or killing 50 enemies in close combat. All these bits of armour are mix and match-able, and you can paint them to you liking. A nice touch is using the Citadel colour range for the painter, and so you can use your colour scheme with ease.

White Scorpion Veteran Allendros ready for battle!

So please, do yourselves a favour and go and buy this. It really is good, and I dont think you will be dissapointed.

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  1. Great review Brother!

    1. I wish I had got the premium pack, that book looks so lush!
    2. Multiplayer, despite it's shortcomings is as you said a lot of fun.
    3. Horde mode is coming soon which means we can hook up a small game of a few dudes and keep the lag to a minimum.
    4. Red/White Scorpions! Awesome!
    5. The game can only get better, I think as you said over the live-chat, THQ was testing the water a bit but as it proves to become more popular they will up the levels of support for the game and multiplayer.