Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I'm not dead. Honest.

Long(ish) time, no updates!! Been super busy since my return from africa, plus GoW3 came out, so... yeah. Anyway, updates!!

First up is another scout, this time using a FW Cadian veteran head. For long time I have hated the Scout heads, they have no necks and look like bodybuilder children, they just look... weird. So I have been searching around for a long while, and have decided to use these, as well as some Elysian heads and a couple of the Catachan command ones.

Grumpy, but neat lookin'

And keeping with the theme that my scouts have been in the field waay longer than they should have, I have GS'd a rip into his left knee.

His space-mum is going to be pissed

Going to build up another one soon, and add some more damage to the rest of the squad when they are done.

Also, I have decided that I love the Mk2 Jump Packs:

Oh, and I super promise that I will post a Dreadfleet review in the next few days. But in the meantime, trust me: its awesome.

Leave me a comment people!!

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  1. Bodybuilder children lol I've always hated the heads on the placcy scouts too, thats why i've never got around to building mine.